2018 udorf art wins the international „20 Years Troteclaser Design-Award“
w e l c o m e   t o   u d o r f   a r t 
2017 udorf art was honored with a place at laserart reference works
2017 udorf art sets new limits by cutting and engraving wood
2017 udorf is holding a lecture about visual mathematics, sacred geometries and cropcircles
2016 udorf translate dr. sam osmanagic „the bosnian pyramides“
2018 udorf art develops new technologies and design in levitation systems
2015 udorf art construct a foldable vector eqelibrium to meditate & energizie in sacred geometry
2009 udorfs  „die königsschrift“ wins the „vito von eichborn edition award“ at the bookfair in leipzig
2008 udorf publishs his novel about alchemy, geometry, ancient philosophies and cropcircles.
2016 udorf at a interview about laserart, geometries and real cropcircles